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With products becoming increasingly more complex consumers now need more customer support at the superior level. As Assistron cares its customers and deals with their problems, retail dealers or product/service provider will have more satisfied customers.

And satisfied customers would share their satisfaction with other customers at every occasion. Assistron ensures that the service that the customers receive on the phone, on internet or on site is always top quality. Assistron provides service with the authorized personnel at the call center during 365 days, resolves the problem on phone even at the first stages and guarantees customer satisfaction with remote troubleshooting and technical support. .

When necessary Assistron provides temporary loan product for its customers to ensure uninterrupted product use. In order to ensure that its customers always get the best service, Assistron collaborates with its network of highly qualified authorized service companies that utilize the latest technologies.

Customers would have access to services any time they desire.

In cases under manufacturer's warranty, Assistron follows up the repair process on behalf of the customer by acting as a bridge between the manufacturer and the customer. As a result the customer would not have to remember and call different service companies or follow up the repair process.

In cases of extended warranty, the consumer continues to receive seamless service and enjoys the pleasure of accessing all support options via a single phone number even beyond the warranty period.

The customer, who wishes to get repair services for cases not covered by the warranty, would experience a highly professional corporate service approach.

The customer would know the total cost of a repair in advance without having to call all service companies for the lowest price for a repair that is not covered by the warranty. And when the customer decides to get the repair service, he/she pays for it and gets the necessary support as same as covered under warranty.

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