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Especially consumer electronics and durable household products offer more benefits and features with the continiously improving technology.For consumers this means more benefits from their products while the products themselves have become much more complex. Today in most cases the customers have to go though some kind of minor product training when they buy a new product in order to be able to use it. With the Delivery and Installation services, Assistron teams comprising experts in their fields, deliver and install the product at the most convenient time slot for the consumer. Following installation, they give a brief user training in order to allow the consumer to get the most benefit from the product and adjust the basic settings before handing the product to the consumer.Therefore retail dealer or product/service provider maintains a high-level customer satisfaction about the product from the day of purchase.

With the increased number of satisfied customers, number of returned products decreases.

With every Delivery and Installation Package being sold, retailer or product/service provider not only gains one more satisfied customers but also enjoys higher revenues.

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