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Services that can meet customer expectations and provide them maximum benefit, can only be provided with effective service management in which knowledge, experience and skills are organized comprehensively.

Assistron implements its Service Management under 6 main categories:

  • 1. Service strategies and company/product specific service management- Nationwide service modeling at different levels specific to the company or the product (VIP packages, special field service forces, remote access, onsite repair etc.)
  • 2. Customer Relations Management- Customer focused service call management, customer briefing and technical support
  • 3. Task planning, activity management, remote monitoring- Claim management
  • 4. Field service management- Providing technical staff from remote locations, nationwide coverage, remote field service force management and control, continuous training, appointment-based on site service, service cost management
  • 5. Warranty, repair, return management- Under warranty/ Out of warranty repair, reverse logistics, customer and supplier return process management
  • 6. Spare part management- inventory management, spare part logistics management, RMA(return to manufacturer)process management
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