Who we are?


Has a wide spread service network in Turkey with its team of professionals with knowledge and skills in the area of service integration and management at the international level as well as its business approach that focuses on a long-term business relationships rather than acting as a traditional supplier. With a wide-spread, experienced and versatile service network and a call center that can handle all types of customer inquiries the company allows flexibility at the local level to access products and services at the global level. It has the capability to provide integrated services for every product with a warranty certificate by offering sector-specific, creative, flexible, functional and boutique solutions and managing the sales development and after sales service processes within the same resource.


The team that carries out the operations of NEW Customer Services company since it entered the Turkish market in 2009, took over the company's corporate identity and its infrastructure in Turkey at the end of 2011 and continued to provide the same services under ASSISTRON brand with improvements in the existing business operations.

US based NEW Customer Service is a leading provider of extended service plans and product protection plans in the area of consumer products since 1983 and has offices in numerous countries including Canada, China and Japan as well. In 2008, NEW and Asurion merged to form the NEWAsurion company. Currently, NEWAsurion is managing over 240 million active customer service agreements while responding to over 40 million customer calls per year and providing employment for over 10.000 people.


As technological products become increasingly more important in the daily lives of consumers, expectations for reliable customer service and comprehensive product support increase equally as well. Today increasing customer satisfaction which starts at point of purchase and lasts throughout the product lifecycle has become easier than ever before with Assistron's comprehensive after sales services package. By supporting customers in terms of benefiting from the products in the best way Assistron provides consumer friendly solutions for both the retailers and product/service providers. Assistron's solutions begins with the purchasing decision and covers extended service plans, insured mobile device protection programs, delivery and installation, product support, troubleshooting and product protection services.


Assistron protection programs and services start at the time of purchase of the product and provide superior customer satisfaction throughout the product's lifecycle. With the services we provide, we enter into business partnerships with electronic device retailers, product/service providers, manufacturers and after sales service companies all of which are leaders in their respective sectors. With our ability to provide flawless and comprehensive after sales we provide our business partners with numerous opportunities to allow them to strengthen their brands while generating financial income as well as superior customer loyalty and satisfaction

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